Professional Drummer: Rob Gould

I am well versed in many playing styles such as: Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Latin, Metal, Pop, R&B, Soul, etc… Also I am available for session work and touring. Pay is on a case by case basis.

I have been teaching private and group lessons since graduating from Berklee College of Music in May 2008. At school I studied with Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Steve Vai), Tony Smith (Lou Reed, Jan Hammer), Kenwood Dennard (Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorious), and many more. I’ve played with the many Chicago groups such as: Swamp Heat, Mathien, Bluewater Kings, Waterstreet, Big Paraid, Bad Sons, The Lifeline, as well other sit in gigs and studio sessions. Playing music is my passion and passing on the tradition of drumming is important to me.  I want to be apart of something magical and real at the same time and share that with as much people as I can.



About Rob Gould: born on May 11, 1986 in Peoria, Illinois. Rob’s Musical career started when he was 8 years old after making his first drum-set out of garbage cans in his parents garage. He started to progress under the instruction of legendary Illinois percussion educators Chuck and Peggy Bonner. While studying with both, Rob gained a solid foundation with: rudiment/reading skills, symphonic performances, and big band/combo jazz performances. In high school Rob joined nationally acclaimed high school big band, the Peoria Jazz Allstars. During his senior year in high school he earned the top chair in the Illinois All-State Big Band and received a World Tour Scholarship from Berklee College of Music.

In fall of 2004 Rob started at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. While at school Rob recorded and played shows with many student bands of all styles. Rob’s drumset teachers at Berklee include: Tony “Thunder” Smith, Mike Mangini, Yoron Israel, Kenwood Dennard, Steve Wilkes, Robert Tamagni, Robert Kaufman, Jackie Santos, Ralph Peterson, and Mark Walker.

While at school Rob began his work as a session drummer for many student groups and was a part of his first international session during his sophomore year for Norwegian group Playn Playn on iTunes. In May 2006 the group recorded at legendary Rainbow Studios in Oslo, Norway with grammy winning producer Frodé Thingnaes About Frode. He also joined Illinois rock group Waterstreet. The band has opened for popular rock groups: Blue Oyster Cult, Tantric, The Toadies, Parlor Mob, Vince Neal, Gin Blossoms, and Santana.

Rob graduated from Berklee in May 2008 with magna cum laude honors. After college Rob moved to Chicago and began teaching private drum lessons, doing studio sessions, touring, and playing with Chicago groups such as: Big Paraid, Bluewater Kings, Swamp Heat, Mathien, The Lifeline, Patrick Hartman & The Last Glances, 3’s & 7’s, The Choir, Waterstreet, Michael Lux & The Bad Sons, Ricky Liontones, The Lucky Dutch, North by North, John Griffith Collective, Phil Angotti, Guns & Ammunition, Drivetrain, Paige & The Reverent Few, and many more.

2014 Rob met his future wife in Lauren Faust. Lauren is an acclaimed artist; published ceramic sculpture and painter.

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In 2017 Rob and wife Lauren moved to Nashville, TN to further his work with music in both studio and live environments. Currently a band producer for corporate and wedding band Emerald Empire Band in Nashville and Memphis areas. Rob is also involved with session work and touring for numerous artist nationally and internationally.