Drum Lessons

Drum lessons can be set up with through emailing Robgoulddrums@gmail.com or calling (309) 645-7878.

What the students learn? 

I teach depending on each individual student. Beginner to advanced. It is often rooted in fundamentals such as: basic reading skills of rhythm, rudimental study, basic drum beats and styles, and technique examination. I have had students that want to play professionally and some that just want to play music for a hobby. Both are equally valid in my book. I do mainly private lessons but can do small groups up to 4 people.

How are lessons run and how much does it cost?

I run the lessons out of my home in East Nashville. I have 2 kits set up for the kit part of the lesson and a few drum pads for students when we are working on technique, reading snare drum music, etc… Students bring sticks and whatever the drum instructional book we are working out of, I provide the rest. Lesson are 30 minutes long and sometime go a few minutes extra if it important that we keep going to learn something. I schedule but I will never be counting the clock, the goal is teaching you the joy of drumming and music.

Drum Lessons are set up in blocks of 4 lessons at a time. The 4 lessons cost $120 total and payment is due before or after the first lesson is completed. I do not do individual lesson payments. I will make up any lesson that I miss and students can reschedule 1 lesson for every 4 lessons scheduled as long as they give me 2 days of notice. After the one rescheduled lesson the rest of the missed lessons are charged the same as a completed lesson. The reason I do it like this is that I have had issues with people not showing up and expecting me to always make it up, thus wasting both our time. I also think it is good to take some time off to evaluate how the 4 lessons went; see if you want to continue, what you want to work on next, practice our recent lessons more, reflect, and not get into a mundane pattern. When people get into a routine they stop practicing and just wait to their next lesson to play, we should have fun with this. Music is too awesome to make into a weekly chore.

I have a waiting room area for parents of students or guest that come along. Parking is easy right in back or front of my home.

My background.

I have been teaching drum lessons for 12 years now and taught numerous students in that time. I have taught 6 year olds to 60 year olds. I have a bachelor in performance and music business from Berklee College of Music. I attended Berklee from 2004 to spring 2008 where I graduated with magna cum laude honors. Before college I received the top chair in the Illinois high school big band competition (IHSA) and gained a world tour scholarship to Berklee. I have played in many types of bands in my career from corporate top 40 bands to my own rock band Big Paraid to funky New Orleans style band Swamp Heat. I have played metal gigs and 50’s crooner jazz and anything in between. Being versatile is what I pride myself on and why I teach rhythm foundations.


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