Muzo is a multi-faceted company that first and foremost cares about people and the world we live in.  

Furniture is one of the largest aspects of our ever growing company. We are world leaders in mobile furniture such as our award-winning Kite, Mini Mobile, and Versatilis table-lines. We utilize a unique patented dual lock Jewel Caster to move then lock like fixed furniture. Building the furniture solid as a rock yet with the ease of mobility allows you to create the environment best suited for your needs then change quickly as needed.

Muzo is also highly invested in design and creating inspiring work and learning environments conducive to human needs. So often we overlook things that really affect our productivity such as happiness, inspiration, and an over all sense of health. Working more efficiently and being solution based. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” Albert Einstein. Muzo is going into uncharted areas with our business model and we like living dangerously! We all can do better for each other and that is what motivates us to pragmatically design our furniture, wall spaces, and so much more.

“Feel the music, design the furniture”

At Muzo music is not extracurricular but a way of life. We are: music lovers, trained musicians, artist and we use this everyday in how we approach our work. Music is proven scientifically to improve our students test scores, work productivity, increase multi-tasking skills, lower stress, increase creativity, and enhance our life in general. Muzo employs many musician that  perform for our events across the globe. Our event coordination ranges from a small get together to huge corporate events and festivals.

Enhancing a work environment is one thing but we look larger, happiness of all our clients and friends. The journey has just begun for us feel free to join and get Muzo’d as we say.

For more about Muzo please visit our website and feel free to contact us about questions or to jam some tunes.