I am professional drummer for hire, both live and studio environments. Proficient in: Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Folk, Country, and most western music styles.

It is my goal to enhance your musical situation with highest professionalism and respect for your music aesthetic.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be hired as a studio drummer for many amazing recording projects. Below are a few studio drumming samples.

Studio philosophy: Its starts with “feel” and ends with “feel.” Seriously everything about songs we love is about a feeling we have about it.  Where you were, what  you were doing, who were you with? All questions we ask ourselves and answer subliminally that ultimately decide why we can attach to different kinds of music. My goal is to create a rhythmic foundation so the artist/band can convey what they need to. I think of myself as a textural drummer, drums are the first layer of paint on a canvas.

Rob Gould Discography

  • April 2017 Trace Horse Studio – Nashville, TN – drum session for Muzo corporation.
  • April 2017 Gary Johnstone single “Down in Nashville” session.
  • Spring 2017 Swamp Heat full length record The Fox Hunt.
  • October 2016 JBTV Sessions for Beth McCarthy
  • Spring 2016 Swamp Heat single “Portrait of a Woman” produced by Swamp Heat and Steve Snydacker.
  • March 2016 – Big Paraid II full Length record with Producer Sean O’Keefe.
  • February 2014 – Big Paraid: “Better Bad Things To Do” & “Rockola” singles
  • Nov-Dec. 2013 – Patrick Hartman & The Last Glances: “Aimless Game,” “Dark Magic,” “Green Feeling,” “Carpe Diem,” & “Leaving You Lonely” (singles)
  • August 9th 2013 – The Choir, “To Act Right” (single)                                                   
  • March 30th 2013 Big Paraid releases self-titled (EP)
  • Fall 2012 – The Choir: “Sovereign State,” “Highbrow Girl,” & “Stupid is Fearless” (singles)
  • August 2010 Waterstreet, Of Gossip (EP)
  • July 13, 2009 Jon Aanestad, Songs From A City (EP)
  • January 2008 Waterstreet released Meant for Thrills (LP)
  • October 2008 Playn, Tuned In (LP)
  • September 2006 Waterstreet, Wrapped Up In Twilight (LP)
  • August 2006 Nick Boettcher Band, Live at Luther Allison Blues Festival (LP)
  • Aug. 2005 Happy Dagger, Questions About Art (LP)


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